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Juniper Networks Training Provider

Whether you are looking to fulfill a certification track or focusing on a specific device such as routers, switches or security products, our award-winning instructors are there for you every step of the way. 

Founded in 2003, Dynamic Worldwide (DWWTC) started as Juniper Networks’ first national training provider and has been presented the “Americas Partner of the Year” award for the following 15 years. As a certified training institute, we have remained an authorized training partner with Juniper Networks, CompTIA, Fortinet, and Ivanti Pulse Secure.

Dynamic Worldwide is the only Juniper Authorized Training Education Partner in the United States. 

Juniper Networks Education Services Authorized Partner

DWWTC has been awarded Juniper Networks’ “Americas Partner of the Year” for 15 years.

ADCX – Advanced Data Center Switching5$4750.00Details
AJER – Advanced Junos Enterprise Routing5$4,750.00 Details
AJEX – Advanced Junos Enterprise Switching Using Enhanced Layer 2 Software2$1,900.00 Details
AJSEC – Advanced Junos Security – JNCIP-SEC Certification Course4$3,800.00 Details
AJSPR – Advanced Junos Service Provider Routing5$4,750.00 Details
IJAUT – Introduction To Junos Platform Automation And DevOps3$2,850.00 Details
IJOS – Introduction to the Junos Operating System4$4,000.00Details
IJSA – Implementing Juniper Networks Secure Analytics3$2,395.00 Details
IJSEC – Introduction to Juniper Security3$2,850.00Details
IPv6 – Junos IP version 62$1,595.00 Details
JAUT – Junos Platform Automation and DevOps5$4,750.00 Details
JCNAA – Juniper Cloud Networking with AWS and Azure4$3,800.00 Details
JCOS – Junos Class of Service2$1,900.00 Details
JEX- Junos Enterprise Switching2$1,900.00Details
JIR – Junos Intermediate Routing2$1,900.00 Details
JL2V – Junos Layer 2 VPNs3$2,850.00 Details
JL3V Junos Layer 3 VPNs3$2,850.00 Details
JMF – Junos MPLS Fundamentals3$2,850.00 Details
JMR – Junos Multicast Routing2$1,900.00 Details
JNCIA Practicum and Exam Preparation2$1,595.00 Details
JNCIE-ENT BootCamp5$4,750.00 Details
JNCIE-ENT PLUS – JNCIE-ENT Certification PLUS5$5,750.00 Details
JNCIE-SEC BootCamp5$4,750.00 Details
JNCIE-SEC Plus5$5,750.00 Details
JNCIE-SP BootCamp5$4,750.00 Details
JNCIE-SP PLUS – JNCIE-SP Certification PLUS5$5,750.00 Details
JNCIP-ENT Bundle – AJER & AJEX Certification Course5$4,995.00 Details
JNCIP-SP Bundle – Professional Level Certification5$9,500.00 Details
JNCIS-ENT Bundle – JIR & JEX4$3,800.00Details
JNCIS-SP Bundle – Specialist Level Certification5$4,785.00 Details
JND-DC Juniper Networks Design – Data Center5$4,750.00 Details
JND-SEC5$4,750.00 Details
JNDF – Juniper Networks Design Fundamentals3$2,850.00 Details
JS-ND – Junos Space Network Director1$950.00 Details
JS-SD – Junos Space Security Director2$1,900.00 Details
JSE – Junos Space Essentials3$2,850.00 Details
JSEC 5-Day – Junos Security5$4,750.00Details
JSM – Junos Subscriber Management3$2,395.00 Details
JSPX – Junos Service Provider Switching2$1,900.00Details
JTNOC – Junos Troubleshooting in the NOC4$3,795.00 Details
Juniper Cloud Fundamentals3$2,850.00 Details
Juniper Networks Design – Service Provider (JND-SP)5$4,750.00 Details
NACC 5 Day – Network Automation using Contrail5$4,750.00 Details
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Our Authorized Education Partners use only Juniper Networks authorized instructors, Juniper Networks-developed courseware, and they must maintain the same strict quality standards that we require of our own instructors and training organizations.    - Juniper Networks