Fortinet NSE Certification Program to be Restructured in October

Fortinet is restructuring their NSE Certification Program on October 1st, 2023. The new tracks are built to be more in line with specific job roles using their products. The new certifications will verify skills and knowledge the candidate has in the ever growing and difficult cybersecurity world using Fortinet products. If you already have a valid NSE certification it will remain valid until it expires. If you have the requirements for the new badge, you will automatically be awarded the corresponding badge. Fortinet certifications are good for 2 years from the date you passed the exam.

Fortinet is moving from the original numbered NSE to 5 levels of badges. For most IT people working with the devices, the starting point is the Fortinet Certified Professional then moving to the Fortinet Certified Engineer. Below are the levels linked to the Fortinet site showing the requirements for each level.

Main Program Updates

Effective October 1, 2023, the Fortinet NSE Certification program will undergo four major updates.

  • The program’s restructuring will result in five proficiency levels that include a total of 11 certifications.
  • Each proficiency level will have one or more certifications that align with professional career paths.
  • Obtaining a certification will require cybersecurity professionals to pass a minimum number of exams or courses.
  • Exam badges will be introduced for each core and elective exam.

The Five New Proficiency Levels (Badges)

The links in the list below will take you to the Fortinet site for details on each new proficiency level. Come back to soon to schedule your training as you prepare for the new certifications. We’ll be rolling out our updated Fortinet certification page in the coming weeks, but please use the chat widget on this site to ask any questions you may have regarding training for these badges!  Click here to view our Fortinet course offerings and class schedule.