Versa Secure SD-WAN Configuration and Administration (V-SDCA)

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2 Days

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Course Overview

Versa Secure SD-WAN Configuration and Administration course is a 2 day Instructor Led or Instructor Led Online course that provides participants with an understanding of SD-WAN concepts, and how Versa Networks implements Secure SD-WAN.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the Versa Secure SD-WAN control and data planes
  • Navigate Versa Director
  • Create device templates, devices, and spoke groups using Versa Workflows
  • Configure Full Mesh and Hub-and-Spoke SD-WAN topologies
  • Manage Versa software and upgrade processes
  • Configure network alarms and notifications
  • Describe how to monitor a Versa Secure SD-WAN using live and historical information
  • Describe how to use built-in diagnostic tools to test and diagnose network performance and reachability

Course Content

This course consists of 18 lessons:

  • Control and Data Planes
  • Device Templates
  • Service Templates
  • Template Workflows
  • Device Workflows
  • Creating Controllers
  • Creating Devices
  • Full Mesh
  • Spoke-to-Hub-Only
  • Spoke-to-Spoke-via-Hub
  • Spoke-to-Spoke-Direct
  • Hub Controllers
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Software Management and Upgrades
  • Alarms and Notifications
  • Real-time Statistics Monitoring
  • Historical Statistics Analysis
  • Diagnostic Tools

During this course you will:

  • Configure and deploy SD-WAN edge devices using Versa workflows and templates;
  • Validate the configuration and functionality of the SD-WAN environment;
  • Configure full mesh and hub-and-spoke topologies, and verify connectivity in each environment;
  • Manage configuration files;
  • Analyze networks statistics in live and historical contexts
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