Versa Advanced Security (V-ASEC)

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2 Days

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Course Overview

The Versa Advanced SD-Security course is a 2 day Instructor Led or Instructor Led Online course that provides participants with in-depth training on the configuration and monitoring of advanced SD-Security functions in the Versa Networks portfolio. The course provides participates with an understanding of the Versa Networks Software Defined Security features and functions that are part of the Versa Operating System, and the methods of configuring, managing, and monitoring the security services through the VOS CLI, Versa Director, and Versa Analytics.

Course Content

During this course you will:

  • Configure and monitor Stateful Firewall functions
  • Configure and monitor Next Generation Firewall functions, including application identification, URL filtering and IP reputation filtering
  • Configure and monitor Unified Threat Management functions, including anti-virus, SSL inspection, decryption, and proxy functions including the generation, import, and use of security certificates
  • Learn how to configure and deploy custom application types, IP filtering objects, and URL Filtering objects
  • Learn how to configure and deploy Captive Portal functions and user/group authentication with LDAP and Active Directory integration
  • Learn how to configure and manage security packages to maintain up-to-date security signatures
  • Learn how to monitor security functions and logs through Versa Director and Versa Analytics

This course is based on VOS 21.1.

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