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Course Overview

In this three-day course, you will learn how to use FortiSIEM, and how to integrate FortiSIEM into your network awareness infrastructure. You will learn about initial configurations, architecture, and the discovery of devices on the network. You will also learn how to collect performance information and aggregate it with syslog data to enrich the overall view of the health of the environment. Additionally, you will learn how you can use the configuration database to greatly facilitate compliance audits.

Intended Audience

Anyone who is responsible for day-to-day management of FortiSIEM.

Course Objectives

After completing these courses, you will be able to:
  • Identify business drivers for using SIEM tools
  • Describe SIEM and PAM concepts
  • Describe key features of FortiSIEM
  • Understand how collectors, workers, and supervisors work together
  • Work with multitenancy
  • Configure notifications
  • Create new users and custom roles
  • Describe the discovery process
  • Enable devices for discovery
  • Understand when to use agents
  • Perform real-time, historic, and structured searches
  • Group and aggregate search results
  • Examine performance metrics
  • Create custom incident rules
  • Edit existing, or create new, reports
  • Configure and customize the dashboards
  • Export CMDB information

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to FortiSIEM
  2. SIEM Concepts
  3. Discovery
  4. PAM Concepts
  5. FortiSIEM Analytics
  6. CMDB Lookups and Filters
  7. Group By and Aggregation
  8. Rules
  9. Incidents and Notification Policy
  10. Reports and Dashboards
  11. Maintaining and Tuning
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