Management Bootcamp
For Entry- and Mid-Level Managers

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Price: $795.00
  • Certifications:
  • Exams:
Course Overviewremove_circle_outline

The Management Bootcamp is a 3-day program designed to provide new supervisors and managers with the skills they need to effectively lead teams, divisions, and other groups of employees. The program includes one day of Practical Leadership that provides the training essential for employees to move into entry-level supervisor or manager positions, one day of Managing Conflict that provides new supervisors and managers with the skills necessary to maintain a productive workplace culture, and one day of Managerial Leadership the provides the skills necessary to work with diverse groups of employees and coordinate with other managers to achieve organizational goals.

Target Audienceadd_circle_outline

This Bootcamp is designed for people who are entering various supervisory or managerial roles in a company or organization, including:

  • Employees preparing for entry-level supervisory or managerial positions
  • Supervisors preparing for mid-level managerial roles
  • Supervisors and managers dealing with diverse employee populations

Upon completion of this Bootcamp, the successful attendee will have the knowledge and understanding to:

  • Transition from employee to leader
  • Develop an effective team
  • Lead a team effectively
  • Increase your effectiveness in leading different teams and groups of employees
  • Develop a team mission, values statement, and vision to achieve business results
  • Identify a leader and the role of leadership. Define the vision of an organization. Draft a vision statement. *Relate goals to the vision.
  • Communicate the vision and gain support for the vision. Implement the organization's vision.
  • Determine leader roles and strengthen employee roles. Align employee priorities and evaluate employee performance.
  • Motivate employees. Overcome employee apathy.
  • Identify the phases of the change process. Communicate change and identify the benefits of change.
  • Motivate employees through a change and prepare for difficulty. Overcome resistance and resolve conflict.
  • Respond to distress and reduce stress. Succeed through failure and handle mistakes.
  • Recognize the impact of conflict in the workplace by identifying personal reactions and developing a healthy attitude toward conflict
  • Analyze conflict by assessing the situation and identifying the source of the conflict
  • Utilizing effective communication techniques to manage conflict in a proactive manner
  • Resolve conflict by evaluating approaches, and determining and implementing an action plan with the best solution
Course Outlineadd_circle_outline

DAY ONE: Practical Leadership

  • Lesson 1: Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Leader
  • Lesson 2: Developing an Effective Team
  • Lesson 3: Leading a Team Effectively
  • Lesson 4: Leading Different Types of Teams
  • Lesson 5: Aligning Your Strategy for Business Results

DAY TWO: Managing Conflict

  • Lesson 1: Recognizing the Impact of Conflict
  • Lesson 2: Analyzing Conflict
  • Lesson 3: Dealing with Conflict
  • Lesson 4: Resolving Conflict

DAY THREE: Managerial Leadership

  • Unit 1: Leading with a Vision
  • Unit 2: Making Vision a Reality
  • Unit 3: Defining Employee Roles and Priorities
  • Unit 4: Employing Motivational Strategies
  • Unit 5: Planning for Change
  • Unit 6: Motivating Employees through Change
  • Unit 7: Coping through a Change Process

Students should have experience working in an organizational environment where a hierarchy exists that includes supervisors and managers.

Students should possess a basic knowledge of using Microsoft Word (Part 1 or above) and using the Internet in a business or organizational environment.

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