Junos Space Security Director

  • Duration 2 days
  • Price $1,900
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Our Junos Space courses bridge the gap to upcoming versions of courseware to help you better manage your Junos Space environment!

Course Overviewremove_circle_outline

This two-day course is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to manage the Junos Space Security Director application and manage devices with that application. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of how to work with Security Director. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience with the features of Security Director. This course is based on Junos Space Release 15.1R2 and Security Director 15.1R2.

We introduce you changes from Junos Space 15.x to the new revision 16.1 with information that you can use today!

Target Audienceadd_circle_outline

This course benefits individuals responsible for managing Junos security, switching, and wireless devices using the Junos Space software in an enterprise network environment.

Course Objectivesadd_circle_outline

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of the Security Director application.
  • Describe the Security Director workspaces.
  • Discuss how to manage SRX chassis clusters through the Security Director application.
  • Explain platform management and basic device configuration through the Security Director application.
  • Explain the policy workflow in the Security Director application.
  • Explain the purpose of firewall policies.
  • Configure firewall policies in the Security Director application.
  • Describe how to deploy firewall policies to managed security devices.
  • Explain the purpose of VPNs and NAT policies.
  • Describe how to manage VPNs.
  • Discuss how to configure NAT policies.
  • Describe how to use Change Control to request approval for firewall and NAT policy changes.
  • Explain how to manage application firewall profiles.
  • Explain how to manage IPS policies.
  • Discuss how to manage UTM policies.
  • Discuss the purpose of security intelligence.
  • Explain how to install and set up Spotlight Secure.
  • Discuss how to configure Spotlight Secure.
  • Explain the purpose of Log Director.
  • Discuss the required components for a Log Director Deployment.
  • Explain the installation of Log Director.
  • Discuss how to cluster multiple Log Director Virtual Machines using a Log Concentrator VM.
Course Outlineadd_circle_outline

Day 1

Chapter 1: Course Introduction

Chapter 2: Introduction to Security Director

  • Security Director Overview
  • Navigating the Security Director Application
  • Chassis Clustering
  • Platform Management
  • Basic Device Configuration and Setup
  • Introduction to Security Director Lab

Chapter 3: Security Director—Firewall Policies

  • Firewall Policies Overview
  • Defining Security Objects
  • Configuring Firewall Policies
  • Deploying Configuration Changes
  • Provisioning Firewall Policies Lab

Chapter 4: Deploying VPNs and NAT Policies

  • Managing VPN Policies
  • Managing NAT Policies
  • Enforcing Change Control
  • Provisioning VPN and NAT Lab

Day 2

Chapter 5: Deploying AppSecure, IPS, and UTM Policies

  • AppSecure
  • Managing IPS Policies
  • Managing UTM Policies
  • Deploying AppSecure, IPS, and UTM Policies Lab

Chapter 6: Security Intelligence

  • Security Intelligence Overview
  • Required Components
  • Threat Feeds
  • Mitigating Online Attacks
  • Use Cases
  • Deploying Spotlight Secure Lab

Chapter 7: Log Director

  • Log Director Overview
  • Log Director Components
  • Installing and Setting up Log Director
  • Clustering with the Log Concentrator VM
  • Deploying Log Director Lab

Students should have experience with the Junos operating system, including device management, routing, and security policy. Students should also attend the Junos Space Essentials (JSE) and Junos Security (JSEC) courses prior to attending this class.

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