Executive Leadership
Executive Leadership

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Course Descriptionremove_circle_outline

This half-day, seminar-based course on Executive Leadership is designed to provide senior executives with the essential theory and operational guidance to lead success in today’s dynamic, continually evolving environment. This executive leadership seminar provides examination of important leadership theory, best practices, and discussion on relevant issues to today's senior leaders. The course underscores these principles and issues hands-on exercises and evaluation.

Target Audienceadd_circle_outline

This course is for executives and other senior leaders in corporate, non-profit, education, organization, government, and other positions involving design and implementation of the vision and strategic goals of the leader's organization.

Upon Course Completionadd_circle_outline

Attendees will understand and be able to lead their organizations in the following areas:

  • Mission, vision, goals, and objective development and implementation.
  • Challenges of manpower, organizational collaboration, and economic conditions.
  • Building a trust relationship.
  • Competencies and objectives for executive development.
  • Clarity, confidence building, empowerment, and motivation.
  • Workplace wellness and retention.
  • Influence, creativity, and innovation.
  • Leading change.
  • Skills development and the learning cycle
Course Outlineadd_circle_outline

Session 1: Foundations and Vectors

  • Building foundations.
  • Setting a direction.
  • Taking responsibility.

Session 2: Implementation and Teamwork

  • Leading with focus
  • Shared purpose.
  • Inspiring confidence.
  • Energizing and empowering personnel.
  • Motivating the team.

Session 3: Symbiosis, Retention, and Accountability

  • Workplace harmony.
  • Employee retention.
  • Accountability.

Session 4: Influence, Creativity, Innovation, and Change

  • Influencing others.
  • Leveraging creativity and innovation.
  • Does change really work?

Session 5: Leaders, Skills, and Training

  • Self-awareness as a leader.
  • Skill set development.
  • The Learning Cycle.

Appendix A: The Senior Executive Leader Guide


Attendees should be experienced personnel who are currently in or selected for executive and other senior leader positions.

This course is not designed for junior leaders or managers. The Managerial Leadership course is best suited to that level.

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