Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint Operations
Beyond the Basics

  • Duration: 1 days
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Microsoft Office 2016 will be used for this course. The interfaces, features, and functions are fully compatible with Office 2010 and 2013.

Course Overviewadd_circle_outline

This 4-hour course is designed to explore advanced operations with Microsoft PowerPoint. Beyond basic functions, this course presents more in-depth training on functions and operations that further improve the appearance, dynamics, and automation of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and documents.

Target Studentadd_circle_outline

This course is designed for students with experience using Microsoft PowerPoint and understand basic operations and navigation of the Microsoft PowerPoint environment.

Ideal students include administrative professionals, teachers/instructors, and students attending or planning to attend higher education institutions.


After this course, the successful student will be able to:

  • Use advanced editing and formatting on characters, paragraphs, and text boxes
  • Modify object other than text for use in presentations
  • Group, arrange, and animate objects in a presentation
  • Edit, design, and save custom PowerPoint templates and masters
  • Present audio objects in presentations
  • Present video objects in presentations
  • Customize animations and slide transition formats
  • Set up various types of slide shows
  • Create custom slide shows
  • Enhance presentations with hyperlinked objects
  • Enhance presentation navigation with action buttons and subsections
  • Record presentations
Course Outlineadd_circle_outline

Lesson 1: Advanced Text and Object Formatting and Modification

  • Formatting characters and paragraphs
  • Formatting independent and grouped text boxes
  • Editing and formatting non-text objects
  • Object grouping and subgroups
  • Arranging objects for presentation depth
  • Enhancing messages and demonstrations with object animations

Lesson 2: Customizing Design Templates

  • Modifying slide masters and custom layouts
  • Adding and programming headers and footers
  • Creating custom handouts and notes pages

Lesson 3: Enhancing Presentations with Media and Custom Animations

  • Using audio files to enhance presentations
  • Using video files to enhance presentations
  • Adding customized animations to text and objects
  • Using custom transitions to enhance slide show flow and partitioning

Lesson 4: Customizing Slide Shows

  • Using annotations with a presentation
  • Setting up slide shows for different purposes and venues
  • Creating custom slide shows
  • Using hyperlinks to present multimedia and other external objects
  • Using action buttons and subsections to enhance complex slide show navigation
  • Recording presentations

The successful student will possess at least one of the following:

  • Have successfully completed the Microsoft PowerPoint - Part 1 course
  • Have a professional working knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016
  • Have practical experience using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010/2013/2016 in a business, teaching/instructing, or higher education environment

Microsoft PowerPoint - Part 1 may be taken by registering for the course at

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